Brazilian women from adult social network reveal their secrets to having tons of unforgettable sex.

Sensuality is one of the strongest characteristics of Brazilian people, there's no doubt about it. Besides being a country known for its beautiful and sensual women, Brazil ranks in the world's top five countries with the most sexually satisfied population, according to a 2015's research conducted by condom brand, Durex. Americans, on the other hand, aren't even mentioned in the top 12.

With over 5 million users who know how to enjoy their sexual experiences to the most, Brazil's largest adult social network,, just landed in the USA to spice up Americans' sexual life. Over and above, it brings along with it precious tips from the most wanted women in the community.

According to research conducted with 30 thousand members of the website, Brazilian women are more sexually satisfied because they let themselves experience sexual pleasure and be seductive. For them, it's worth it to be creative in bed and let things happen. "Ideal sex doesn't have space for prejudice or judgment. It doesn't help having a bed full of roses if the sex doesn't happen with desire" says user @asalstrong.

They admit that oral and anal sex are two things that drive their partners crazy - they are always asking for more. User @enfgulosa, for example, says that she spares no efforts to make her sexual life better: "Wear a sexy lingerie, turn on a sensual song before doing it, have sex in different places, and try realizing all kinds of fantasies... yours and his."

To keep things hot, don't forget about the French kiss. It is a favorite during foreplay. Stimulation on the clitoris, nipple licking and butt slapping are next. "The foreplay is essential to guarantee great sex for me. From French kisses to nipple sucking, women should learn how to ask their partner to do what they like. In my opinion, everything is allowed during sex", says user @neaaleamora.

According to the research conducted within the Brazilian network, over 50% of them use sex toys and lubes during sex to make the moment even more special. Even when it's time to put on a condom, women don't let go of the climax: they help their partner with their mouth. "It's when I give him a nice blowjob to drive him wild", admits @casadadosexo.

Victor Salciotti, director for the United States, says that sexual empowered is gaining strength in America thanks to inumerous women advocating for sex-positivity on blogs and social media. Enjoying and accepting your body the way it is, without shame, no strings attached, is a crucial step to live a better sex life. Salciotti believes that "Brazilian women's biggest secret to be so sexually satisfied is their worry-free attitude in bed, boosting both their self-confidence and self-esteem that make them so, so attractive".