“Curvy Girl Sex,” the first-ever instructional sex-ed book for plus-size people, is officially shipping this week from Fair Winds Press and will be celebrated with a launch party open to the public Feb. 1 at the Pleasure Chest in West Hollywood, Calif.

Written by certified sex educator and sex and body image thought-leader Elle Chase, “Curvy Girl Sex” helps curvy women around the world have better, safer and more satisfying sex -- a passion around which Chase has already built an international following.

“Curvy Girl Sex” highlights the best and most pleasurable sex positions for women of all shapes and sizes with helpful tips and tricks for navigating common concerns and hang-ups regarding body image. Chase’s signature humor and engaging attitude toward sex is a key component to what influencers and media outlets already deem a game-changing book in the sex-ed literary world.

“The driving force behind the concept and execution of ‘Curvy Girl Sex’ was to empower everyone – all shapes, sizes, physical abilities, and identities – to express and enjoy their sexuality with confidence,” Chase said. “Writing this book was as cathartic as it was exciting and it has been a pleasure working with Quarto/Fair Winds, a publisher that has shown an inimitable amount of support and foresight. I can’t wait for everyone to get their hands on ‘Curvy Girl Sex’ and I look forward to celebrating its official launch Wednesday night!”

The Pleasure Chest will host the official “Curvy Girl Sex” book launch and book signing event this Wednesday from 7-10 p.m. with food, drinks, prizes and photo opps open to all. Attendance is first come, first served so get there early to secure a spot! Please visit http://thepleasurechest.com/pc/workshops/curvy-girl-sex-book-launch-party/ for more information.

“Curvy Girl Sex” is available for order at most major booksellers. Wholesale inquiries can be sent to preferred distributor representatives at Entrenue, Williams Trading, Eldorado or direct from Fair Winds Press. Contact [Jeff Spencer] for details. 

Chase is an authority on feeling sexy at any size and matches a down-to-earth approach and fast wit with professional sexuality education training to help her clients move forward in their sex lives. Chase’s Big, Beautiful Sex: Sex and Body Image workshops currently draws sold-out crowds across the country and her award-winning and Cosmopolitan-recommended NSFW website www.LadyCheeky.com features curated images and GIFs that are inclusive of people of all sizes, abilities, genders, relationships and lifestyles. Chase was recently featured in Glamour Magazine’s new “What An Expert Says” series discussing sex and body image with veteran sex educator and author Tristan Taormino. Chase’s upcoming Quartos book will allow her to reach an even broader audience, and she hopes it changes lives and open minds around the world.