In an idea as worn out as the internet itself from Google to StumbleUpon; enter who will happily select a random free porn site without any knowledge of who you are or your interests - enjoy.

Ideas for traffic funnels come from many different sources, some are particularly innovative and others are capitalizing on market trends that have already proven to be effective. The recent launch of The Random Porn is an adult specific niche free site that picks up where viral mainstream sites like TheUselessWeb leave their visitors hanging. Now, as 2016 draws to a close, the site is seeking additional partnerships with sponsor sites and affiliate networks interested in cashing in on the latest porn search craze.

"Going all the way back to the beginning of search, Google itself popularized random search with their own I'm feeling lucky button, and now as search has become so refined, many people are having a harder time locating content they didn't know they wanted to see" said Tony of "The Internet has become very good at showing you what you are looking for, but it has also lots its ability to widen your horizon by offering you thinks you were unaware you wanted, especially in porn."

Over the course of the last few years Google and others have systematically attempted to sanitize their search results, so a specific search of a pornstar name or a particular movie title will still yield XXX results in its listings, but the days of accidentally finding a pornstar or new niche you are glad to discover are all but gone. TheRandomPorn fixes that problem and fans are flocking to it for the mystery and satisfaction of seeing what's next with just a single click.