Top British porno channel, Television X present filthy new porn star Sophie Anderson, in her very
own series called Sophie Anderson Pushed To Her Limits.

Each scene director/Performer Angel Long puts Sophie in a filthy situation that really tests how far she will go. We are talking giant dildos, glory wholes, sexy she males and a 22-man gang bang! We caught up with Sophie for a chat about the series and how she feels now she's official been pushed to her limits.

What was your favorite scene to film?

“This is a difficult one because I loved them all! But I think my favourite was the Gangbang this is because we didn’t know how many guys would show up; and as more and more came through the door the excitement grew and grew. I couldn’t believe how many turned up!! I was so pleased”

What is it about gangbangs you love so much?

“I love Gangbang a because I know I will get covered in spunk...loads and loads of filthy people makes a great Gangbang”

Where you pushed to your limit?

“I was pushed to my limits because every scene was definitely full on and having this full on sexual experience on every scene was totally amazing. The most challenging scene was the glory hole... this was because I love to see the faces of who I’m fucking and sucking... I love seeing the pleasure in their faces, but I couldn’t see anything in the glory holes I was just sucking or getting fucked”

Is there anything you haven’t done that you might want to try in the future?

“There are many things I haven’t done yet, but I always want to make it more extreme... I would love to do a world record of fucking as many guys as I can, or two or three shemales taking advantage of me or being covered in 100+ guys Cum xxx ooo yes that’s soo horny”

What’s your favourite sex act?

“My favourite sexy act is giving head and deep throating”

Sophie Anderson Pushed to her limits starts this weekend, a new scene will air on Television X every Saturday at 10pm