April O'Neil Brings Video Game Hero Jiz Lee to Life in 'Episode 1', Available Now

Adult superstar Kayden Kross' boutique erotica studio TRENCHCOATx has just released the premiere episode of its new series, Gamer Girls, available exclusively at TRENCHCOATx.com.

In 'Episode 1' - which saw an exclusive online debut October 8th - Gamer Girl April O'Neil is passionate about her favorite video game - and its action hero, Jiz Lee; when Jiz is accidentally brought to life by activating the game's 'Easter Egg' feature, April is overcome with excitement and the real action begins.

"I love the way both Jiz and April played their roles," said Kross, who wrote, directed and produced the scene. "Jiz was amazing at moving the way we see movement in video games, and April is so natural and funny in her delivery."

"It was a blast to work with such a clever scene concept, and to perform in a way that aligns with my own sexual aesthetics,” said Lee. “Be a buff, badass video game avatar? Yes, please!”

Each scene spotlights a female performer who is a video game fan in real life, paired with scene partners of varying genders… in this case, game fanatic O'Neil with popular queer performer Jiz Lee.

"This project was particularly special to me as a non-binary porn performer,” stated Lee. “It's rare to be able to work with a producer who casts with respect to gender expression -- including pronouns and descriptive tags (like "genderqueer" and "safer sex: testing"). I felt at ease with Kayden's attentiveness and clear communication with everything from the scene concept to the series title. ("Gamer Girls" refers to each vignette's gamer girl while her scene co-stars are of varying gender.) What a joy to perform with a progressive-minded company.”  

"Their scene together is amazing… it was such a light-hearted concept, and then the sex felt so dense," added Kross. "They were both perfect across the board."

To get more of Gamer Girls visit TRENCHCOATx.com/series/gamer-girls