Brighton | A 53-year-old British man has died from respiratory complications after allegedly trying to ingest 37 condoms during a birthday bash turned tragic.

The 69 party-goers were indulging in what some participants have described as a “hot dog eating contest” where the goal was to eat as many edible condoms as was possible off of the genitals of other men at the party.

Although this activity is said to be “fairly common” and thought to be “harmless fun” amongst those in the community, it turns out the sex game turned fatal in this instance.

“He was doing great until he reached the 37th bloke. That’s when he started turning purple and fell on his back,” said an eyewitness.

“He was just gobbling them up like crazy. He kept swallowing them one after another. He was definitely on fire,” said another.

At his arrival at the Royal Sussex County Hospital, medical staff performed an emergency open throat surgery to remove the condoms that had clogged the patient’s pharynx.

“The large amount of sperm made the condoms extremely slippery and hard to extract from his throat,” Dr. Schwaps told reporters.

“Unfortunately, the physical obstruction of the airway caused by the excessive number of condoms in his throat made it impossible for our medical staff to prevent his tragic death,” he admitted.

Although England’s National Health Service approves the use of edible condoms, NHS spokesman Rupert Manns warns that they are not meant to be eaten “by the dozens” but “individually” and that they are not part of a “healthy and balanced diet.”