Mila Jade gets pissed off and melts down on set because she feels that this scene is taking to long.

Mila Jade shot with BlowBang Girls and near the end of the shoot she gets all pissed off. In our opinion she had no reason to be pissed off! She was kicking ass sucking dick like a maniac and she is good at it. This was Mila Jade's 2nd shoot with BlowBang Girls so she knew what to expect. Let's be real ... she had 8 guys give her facials and the entire video is only 18 minutes long. So her blowjob skills were on point.

However, near the end of the shoot she goes off on our BBC Lee because he is taking to long. She starts complaining and actually says to him "dude, the point of the shoot is a  blowbang you cum at that's it. You're not just hear to get head from a bitch and enjoy it.".  It was some funny shit she had the whole room laughing.  Mila Jade is a seasoned professional at this so we were all surprised at how pissed off she became after 15 minutes of video.

Nothing as funny as behind the scenes porn shoot drama!

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