Penthouse Pets on Jack Jimminy show

Penthouse Pets Christiana Cinn and Riley Nixon will appear in episode 6 of the wildly popular“Jack Jimminy Show” The duo join regular cast members  Nolan Silverstein, BJ Averell, Sally Mullins, Eddie Whitehead Jr, Jeremy Paul, and  Tom Whalen.  

                    “The stage has been set for the world of JJ,” Says Executive Producer/Director, adding, “Now we will explore the characters you have gotten to know and love we will also continue  bringing you more outrageous celebrity cameos and appearances by some of the most famous comedians around..”

 “I'm really stoked on appearing in episode 6 with fellow Pet Riley Nixon.,” explainsChristiana, “everyone is full of awesome creative energy, I can't wait to start creating!”

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About JackJimminy

Jack Jimminy was bornto Richard Jimminy and Sally Mullins on the set of “Who Wants to Be My Baby'sDaddy Vol. 5.” As the child of two of Delaware's most powerful porn stars, Jackwas destined to achieve acting greatness. However, Jack has maintained hiscareer mostly unnoticed by viewers as the feature extra in over 500 films. JackJimminy brings a degree of professionalism to his roles that are often ignoredby adult film actors. He sews his own costumes, prepares 5-star meals fordinner scenes, and even delves deep into drugs and alcohol abuse for hispopular “Charlie Hobo” character in the “Gutter Slut” Series.Jack Jimminygraduated from Detroit University with Bachelors in Acting and a Minor inCommunication. One day, Jack hopes to be a mainstream success and to leave the pornindustry altogether. Due to rumors that Jack does not star porn because he losthis penis in a bizarre boating accident, he has asked the writers of thisbiography to clarify that he does, in fact, have a dick.


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