Girlsway Network, the lesbian adult content site announces the release of Georgia Jones’ Dream Pairings star showcase, The Stalker, out July 6.

As the reigning Girlsway Girl of the Month, Jones personally selected her Stalker co-stars Riley Reid and Charlotte Stokely for the sizzling Dream Pairings scene, and according to Jones, an amazing time was had by all. 

“This is really what I’ve waited my whole career for and it’s finally here: a company that gives a shit about creating quality lesbian erotica! Thank You GIRLSWAY!!!!” said Jones. ‘I tell the crew all the time just how happy it makes me to be a part of the stuff we’re creating… high-end lesbian features or just really well-shot storyline-based scenes in the first place.”

 Jones and Girlsway producer Bree Mills and director Stills by Alan judiciously merged each of their cinematic concepts to create a truly exceptional scene with The Stalker.

 “We had a great time making The Stalker,” said Mills. “Georgia is a confident and passionate performer, and it shows She’s truly special, and fans will definitely enjoy Georgia’s Dream Pairings.”

 “Thank you to Alan, Bree and the rest of the hard-working production team; thank you to the editors because I know y’all work just as hard as we do and even harder on some scenes, and thanks to Gamma for taking a chance and starting this brilliant endeavor,” said Jones. “I can’t wait to see where it grows from here!”

Stalker Georgia Jones feels pretty good in her new bad girl persona. She gave herself a makeover so she could score with her lesbian obsession Riley Reid. She made fifteen fake dating profiles to be sure they connect, and when they finally do make plans to hook up, Georgia is waiting outside her apartment and she's ready to pounce. 

Meanwhile, unsuspecting Riley changes into a sexy velour bodysuit and mini skirt. She doesn't recognize Georgia's new look and makes out with her stalker. Georgia unsnaps her bodysuit, and goes down on her bush. Georgia strips off her jeans and Riley starts riding her leg. Riley licks Georgia's wet pussy and makes her cum. They take turns eating each other's asses and then scissor fuck each other's pussies all over the sofa.  

The lesbians are cuddling post-coitus when Georgia uses Riley's old nickname, the Emerald Enchantress. That jogs Riley's memory. She realizes she's with the girl who used to stalk her, except back then she had braces and glasses. Riley excuses herself to go to the bathroom. She calls in a favor from her detective friend Charlotte Stokely to help her get rid of her stalker. Charlotte comes over and she's packing heat. She cuffs Georgia and takes her away.   

The sexy blond cop brings Georgia home and handcuffs her to a bed. Georgia demands her rights, but Charlotte plans to teach her a lesson for fucking with her friends. Once Charlotte makes it clear that she is crazier than Georgia, the stalker becomes much more subdued and obedient. Charlotte removes the cuffs and makes Georgia gets undressed. She makes Georgia takes off her shoes and licks her tits.

Then Charlotte grinds her pussy onto her face, and Georgia follows orders and licks her clit. Charlotte swivels around and continues to ride her tongue, before making Georgia present her ass so she can spank it. She fingers Georgia's pussy, but won't let her cum. Instead she makes Georgia lick her ass in exchange for her freedom. Then she brings her pussy in close and tribs her methodically but stops before she climaxes. Will Charlotte keep her word and let Georgia go? Click to find out!