Lovee pays homage to 70’s Grind House Horror films with this instant classic film.

   Fast rising  star Destiny Love @Russianloveehas completed work ona very controversial over the top Porn/Goth/Slashe/ Horror clip that will debut on her onlyfansaccount{@destinylovee}  on Halloween.

 "I wanted to do something different for my fans this Halloween.”Explains  Destiny. “After watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Dawn ofthe Dead, and Night of the Living Dead I felt inspired to pay homage to theentire genre of Grind House Horror films.”

Thecontroversial clip combines   boobs,blood, knives and a few other surprises that will frighten shock and arouse youall at the same time.

 “I wanted to be as faithful to the Grind Housegenre as possible.” explains Destiny, “Make something that looks and feels likeit came out of that era of classic Horror films.”


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