"Clean up to the main stage!" A popular strip club has closed after several of their dancers suffered violent diarrhea onstage after eating 'bad shrimp' from the club's free buffet.

Strip clubs and buffets sound like a match made in heaven, right? Wrong. They are kind of like high heels and diarrhea - they don't mix.

It was just another typical night at this popular Jacksonville strip club. Things got weird after customers noticed a 'bad smell' and saw a 'stream of brown liquid gush over the stage' and then they knew that this wasn't part of the show. Three dancers were performing on separate poles when the cramps struck and they were reportedly forced to run to the toilets, with some even defecating in the sink. 

Staff and customers ate from a free buffet, which included a selection of deep-fried shrimp, chicken, and ribs, according to local media. 

One insider said they believed the shrimp may not have been cleaned thoroughly enough.

The incident is being investigated by local authorities.