Thanks to websites like, we have access to the best MILF sites on the planet with in-depth reviews and everything we need for our voyeur fantasies. In this article, we will be deep diving into top 5 reasons why MILFs are the ultimate fantasies for people of all ages.

Her experience

MILFs are more experienced as they are seasoned with a lot of practice and they know their stuff well. It makes for an interesting watch as not only do they have more tricks up their sleeves, they are also insatiable when it comes to sex. This also results in them taking charge. And deep down, all men want to let go of control and surrender to a busty goddess as she pleasures them. We want to let go and let her take control. Milking out cocks, licking and sucking it every way she wants to. We want to be slaves to her hunger for sex and let it consume us as she demands us to lick her pussy and to fuck her ass hard and for long, only to cum inside when she demands it!

Her confidence

MILFs are more experienced as well as more confident than younger women and men combined. This results in more experiments in bed and abetter performance out of any MILF model. This gives us better sex positions, seductive moans, tempting fetishes, and excellent performances. There is nothing else better than a confident mature woman indulging herself in different kinds of fetishes, knowing that you are watching and deriving more pleasure from it. She will tease you for a longer period of time than you have ever experienced, but it will be worth it as you see her strip and asks you totouch your cock, slap your balls 3 times and then rub the tip. She will take it in like a champ and role-play will become as good as the real thing.  The point is, confidence matters a lot when it comes to sex.

Her kink

When we are talking about fetishes, we should know that MILFsare open to more experiments. This is results in them dominating a younger woman, slapping them and deep-kissing them at the same time, mixing pain with pleasure. This also results in them tying young men up and dominating them as they cum at her command. This also makes them indulge in fetishes like milk-play, orgies, role-play, BDSM and so on. Here is a link where you can find a list of top MILF sites with different categories of kinky stuff. Milfpornreviews hosts the best collections of mature and MILF sites that have kinky women indulging in different fantasies and begging for your attention.

The 'next door' fantasy

This point is simple. Just like we all have a girl next door fantasy, we have always known a hot MILF in our area that we would have liked to bang. MILF porn just brings that fantasy onto your screen, with the help of role-playing and busty, curvy, MILFs resembling the women of your neighborhood, ready to please you.

The no-string theory

This one is also simple and self-explanatory. Having sex with a MILF is a no strings attached affair which makes it all about the fun of the experience and takes all the drama out of it. We all need a fuck once in a while. The kind that keeps emotions aside and is all about carnal desire!