Chloe Cherry Gets a Taste of Brotherly Love in Pure Taboo’s A Father Unleashed

Chloe Cherry Gets a Taste of Brotherly Love in Pure Taboo’s A Father Unleashed


(Montreal, QC / July 17, 2018) -- Pure Taboo presents a sinister tale of two brothers and an innocent step-daughter caught in the middle of A Father Unleashed, available July 17 at



Chloe Cherry plays a teenager in awe of her exciting step-uncle (Mick Blue), who spoils her with shopping trips and fun outings that are worlds away from her decidedly unexciting step-dad (Steve Holmes).


“You’re so cool, you’re my favorite uncle,” says Chloe. “Hey, what are you doing tonight? My mom is out of town so it’s just my dad and I and it’s super boring. You should totally come over!”


Once home, the mood quickly changes when Chloe is cornered by the two men: “You know, your step-dad has paid to take care of you for years now,” says Mick. “He's raised you as his own daughter. Doesn't he deserve a proper thank you too?'


Directed by Craven Moorehead, who co-produced the scene with Bree Mills, A Father Unleashed is that rare family roleplay drama that creeps on the darkest corners of humanity and preys on its basest fears.


“This is definitely one of our heavier scripts from writer 3XWest, and everyone felt the weight during the shoot,” said Moorehead of A Father Unleashed’s storyline. “Chloe is such a great actress and you can feel her emotions on the screen so clearly. Chloe’s fans should put this one at the top of their ‘must-see’ list.”


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