If you’re shy and introverted, you might not even know where to start when it comes to improving your social skills. One of the best and least scary ways to do it is in the comfort of your home with the help of the internet.

1. Social Media

Social Media

What better way to start getting social than with social media? You know all of the big players: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. While it may be intimidating to be social via these platforms at first, they’re great ways for you to practice making friends and finding people with likeminded interests.

Simply sending a message saying hi or commenting on a post that you found interesting can lead to an interesting conversation that makes it easier to talk to others in the future. You might even hit it off enough with someone that it leads to a real-life friendship.

There are many friends and couples who first met by chatting on social media, so don’t be shy to take a chance!

2. Vlogging

Filming yourself and sharing it with the world to see might sound scary at first, but there’s plenty of reasons why this is a great idea for anybody looking to build on their social skills. Firstly, you will start to feel comfortable expressing yourself out loud the more you practice and the more you make videos.

If speaking to a camera without any sort of planning is too intimidating, you could even follow a script or simply keep a list of topics handy to avoid any long silences.

Focusing your channel on your daily life or a specific interest will draw in an audience who are likeminded and it could lead to online friendships turning into real friendships as well. Don’t want to be the one who does the talking? Our next suggestion, cam girl sites, will be perfect for you.

3. Cam Girl Sites

Perhaps you’re the type of person who gets easily intimidated and needs to acclimate to being spoken to without becoming shy. Watching online streaming platforms like camgirl sites will help to simulate a real conversation – without you even having to show your face if you don’t want to.

Many top free chat sites will have a cam girl section, so be sure to check it out. As you become more and more confident talking to the girls via video, you can eventually switch over to one-on-one video conversations where you show your own face as well. All of these steps will lead to you eventually becoming more confident in social situations.

4. Forums

Top free chat sites aren't the only places you can find people to chat with. Online forums are a great place to find people that share your specific niche interests. Check out places like Reddit to join an online community.

The more you participate in these online discussions and start to make friends online, the more confident you will become communicating with others in all aspects of life.